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Sin of Indra and Curse on Earth, Sea, Trees and Women, Swami Vivekanand Ji’s Life Events That Inspire Us All Everytime, one can become brahman (brahmin) by karma, https://haribhakt.com/secrets-revealed-how-non-hindus-population-multiplied-in-india, WAKEUP! Evolution des crimes et délits enregistrés en France entre 2012 et 2019, statistiques détaillées au niveau national, départemental et jusqu'au service de police ou gendarmerie Associations : Subventions par mot dans les noms des associations While the same logic is not applied for humans of mere 2000 year old jesus or illiterate looter mohammed who existed just 1400 years ago – while Vedic structures showcased the divine technology of Hindus, thousands of years ago when these anti-Vedic beings were not even in the wombs ! Even today it is not possible to carve intricate designs on the Granite stones, as shown in the Thanjavur temples. By creating your Harvard Art Museums account you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Such places were holding keys to the treasure chest, rare scripts, calligraphs and vaults whose confidentiality were to be maintained. Krishna Masjid | Sanskrit is oldest and widespread language, traces are found in 84 countries. IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers 2020 (Jan – May 2020) In part 1 of the speaking test, the examiner will introduce himself or herself and then ask you questions based on your background and daily life. Some from a social perspective and to impart morals, some like the panchabhootha sthalas to impart a sense of environmental preservation, all of them carry a infinite spiritual meaning. Important locations : Tranquebar near Tanjore, Serampore near Calcutta . Tell me a politician after sixties who really did great things to country , except may be to some extent PV , Hindu temples are having chrisitan officers as EMs. Shivan is Aseevaha God. Depictions of nartakis or dancers showing eighty one of hundred and eight karanas (108 synchronised movements of hands and feet) in Bharat Natyam are carved here. We Indians must promote such temples to restore our culture and educate Hindu youth about our affluent past. A thousand years later, standing at 216 feet, it is still the tallest non-bound temple in India and world. well it undeniable fact this great artefact wonder how could it associate with vedic technology then aryans vedas could have great influence in the south. Takshak | Locals say that the city gets its name from ‘Than-sei-oor’, which means a place surrounded by rivers and green paddy fields. Shiv Lingam | The underground channels also contain some secret paths that lead to various places like the Palace of RajaRaja Chola and also to other important destinations. The mammoth task was carried over by intelligent Vedic architects while performing Yagna to take blessings of Bhagwan Shiv, under guidance of Brahmans, Hindu Sages and RajaRaja Chola. Find the link below showing my finding on revealing the construction mystery involved in the great monumental structure, “Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple”. The image, icons, and sculptures of Lakshmi are represented with symbolism. North or South both are same Hindus (google “haribhakt fake aryan theory”). Few needed restoration post series of raids and destruction of Mughal terrorists. All Indians should learn from Tamils how to feel proud about indigenous culture and tradition. It was a very interesting post.. It’s always excellent information and useful from all other people. The money seldom goes towards the upkeep. ओ३म् (ॐ) is the Vedic sound and the creator of everything in this universe – invisible atom to biggest mountains. Sanatan Hindu Dharma is the only umbrella culture, rest regional cultures come under this eternal dharma. Bhagwan Shiv, Bhagwan Rudra, Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwan Surya are all one and same. i) Portraying dance is the reflection of divine emotions of Bhakts (devotees) showing their joyful feelings which they sense when they see the God himself. Tamil is a ethnicity and hinduism is a religion. Remember what happened to keezhadi and aathicchanallur excavation. The huge cap of Tanjore big temple is constructed in such a way that the shadow of the Tanjore big temple Gopuram will not fall on the ground at noon in any season. List of MAC When chanting of Vedic Mahamantra ॐ ( as ओम) can position sun and make it master of our solar system. ॐ How Krishna Revoked Past Karma Prarabdh of a Devotee, How HariBhakt Lakhandas Got Darshan of Bhagwan Krishna, Decline of Hindus Due to Inclination Towards Enslaving Cults, ॐ Bhagwan Krishna Visit Nidhivan for Raas Leela Everyday, Mind Blowing Amazing Facts on Sanskrit, Interesting Article on Sanskrit, AMAZING! Similarly, RajaRaja Chola had allocated over 1000 elephants and over 5000 horses for the construction of structures. The present day politicians of TN are smuggling these idols and selling in Germany/UK/USA, which PM, Mr. Modi should deal with Iron Hand thru RSS. It will help us in bridging the gap created by separatists, politicians and islamic jihadis. Hindu Sages used natural elements for designing Vedic symbols which acted as gateways of communication. Love Jihad History | It is great integration of Vedic elements collated into one massive building. 1 (617) 495-9400. Keep it lifetime free by sharing all our articles in social media sites. God is Wisdom, strength an force. Then reciting Vedic Mantra could levitate 80 ton stone for placing it at top of Brihadeeswarar Temple or Periya Kovil, an easy task for  Vedic sages. Bhagwan Shiv Shankar’s Tanjore Temple was built over 1000 years ago fully with Granite stones, that too when there was no stone available in the nearby locations. Cover Letter for Jobs It is only during noon that the shadow of Gopuram will not fall on ground but on itself. ANEK SAADHUWAAD . We can reset it for you; enter your email address below to get started. Geography, Map Known to Ancient Vedic Hindus, Vaimanika Shastra: World’s First Aeronautical Engineering Guide By an Indian Sage, REVEALED! Any one can become brahman (brahmin) by karma. It is decorated with distinct features depicting Vedic history of Bharat (India). Wrong Big Bang Theory: Vedic Evidence Prove Cyclic Universe, Forced Conversions, R@pe of Hindu Girls Made Hindus Demand New Law, Ramayana Facts, Ramayan’s Amazing Truths, Scientific Proofs of History (Tretayug), World’s Ancient Unique Festival & Tradition Celebrated in India, Boycott ‘Singham Returns’ for It denigrates Hindu Saints, Ashwathama Alive, Aswathama Exists, Ashwatthama Seen – Historical Events of People, Ghar Wapsi, Revert to Hinduism Needed to Save Indian Hindu, Vedic Subtle Body: Sukshma Sharira, Sthula Sharira, Karana Sharira, Control Your Anger: Anger Management with Vedic Mantras. Have a broad vision, work for the unity of Hindus. Thanks for kind words. See their current unity and boldness to support Jallikattu. good work bro…. These are mere mortal scripts that are created for comprehension and ceases after certain age of its utility. All the glories should goes to Tamilians not Hindus. That is the main reason that Tanjore is lush green, lavishly spread with good water facilities and palm forests. Rishi Agastya Inventor of Portable Electricity, Battery and Cells, Mystery Facts: Mount Kailash Mansarovar, Shiv Sightings, Abode Made By Gods. Yes ..cleverly the credit is taken by arya Bhakt from the oldest race tamils. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Reading this article was an immence understanding of the wisdom of Indians. Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. Dravidian got different ideology! Sambhaji Raje | Mughal Terrorism | Gopal Patha | A massive triangular podium of half-pyramidal shaped structure was constructed that was erected adjacent to the opposite side of the massive temple. . Vazhga Tamil. Since 2001, HariBhakt is ad free, donation free and analytics tracking free site. Hindu Kings were keen on protecting nature and never did any harm to the environment when they build temples. In this modern history except PV no one thought of country. 4hrs Six killed in explosion near Shivamogga 5hrs AIMIM will not be a factor in Bengal: Mamata to TMC workers 6hrs Indian Super League | Williams’ last-gasp header gives Bagan full points We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The illicit representation of Hindu structures by such concocted and primitive scientists divulge the cunning ploy of denying existence of Vedic gods as the Supreme Beings and labeling them as lords or common alien beings. Korean Royals are Lineage of Ayodhya Hindu Ancestry. j) The inscriptions also mention the different kinds of jewels used in the period. May you soon meet your rotten fate, die a painful death. Hindutva | With all our modern technologies and gadgets, can we ever built such a mammoth structure in the present millennium? In south,every house is involved in Puja, Sangeet and different arts but in North ,morning newspaper itself tell you that people are involved only in cast politics,communist rituals (every thing against Vedic culture ) and various crimes ,may be effect of Arabian culture as Muslims have ruled this part of Bharat for 200 years and after independence also ,parties ruling North have been involved promoting Muslim culture for votes . Painters across the world are awestruck and they are still trying hard to figure out how even today these hundreds of years old Hindu paintings look so natural and novel. That is the reason, most of the underground and secret passages are closed for the common public and archaeologists. And in similar manner, customized Granite blocks were cut. We lost our greatest psychic scripts only to regain it in Satyug again. The underground transits end to different temples and also to various places in and around Tanjore. The sort of corruption and obscenity, and vulgarity going on in temples is puke worthy and the sanctity has gone south. It is widely known that there were no heavy machines, cranes or any high end equipments used to lift the stone up and place it at the top of the temple. One of the reasons, we highlight North and South Temple structures and try to explain in Hindi/English for cross audience, as per popularity of the language. Stop chrislamizing Tamil Nadu. e) The main Vimanam, which is at about 200 feet is often called Dakshin Meru or Southern Meru. This is basic common sense, and saivam, vainavam are part of hindu religion. Our purpose is to unite North South Hindus. And people shamelessly listen to such talks .wh3n electikns are ther CBN tells he would bring moon to amaravathi to cool it. Both these temples are beautiful and opulent than thousands of Taj Mahals put together – a tomb that needs repair almost every year. You call them as Hindu tamils or by any name but Dravidian is a fake name given by britishers to divide Hindus of Bharat. Keep it lifetime free by sharing all our articles in social media sites. The best thing in the Chola temples is that the tower lies over the sanctums has more elevation as compared to the towers set over the Gopuram (tower) that could be found at the entrance. This is undoubtedly, the first ever instance of a royal portrait. The holes could be deeper or surfacial based on the requirement. 1667 – Set up first factory at Surat. These depictions are first of their kind. On taping the two, you will feel the sound traveling through stone in one idol and through metal on the other. Bengal communists wanted China should rule World. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi) has been ranked 2 nd in the Engineering category and 3 rd in an overall category by NIRF Rankings 2020.. IIT Delhi (IITD) currently has a total strength of 5934 with over 800 female students across graduate and postgraduate programs. So I appreciate the way you try to promote our culture and beliefs.. Some paintings also explain about the RajaRaja Chola’s selfless bhakti towards Bhagwan Shiv Shankar. 32 Quincy Street It was constructed by the King at the height of the Chola reign to signify his bhakti, power and strength. Love Jihad | Your manmade cult has 40 countries, go there preach your hatred in those places. Explore our collections: approximately 250,000 objects from the Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler Museums. These things are scripted in thanjore temple itself. It might sound miracle for all of us so called modern but materialistic beings; it was never a secret for ancient Hindus. Padmanabhaswamy Temple Secrets: Snakes Guarding the Treasures, Nasadiya Sukta: Creation of Universe Rigveda Secrets, ॐ Scientific Mysteries of Hindu Beliefs with Amazing Facts ॐ, Stunning Facts of Kailasha Temple of Ellora (Kailasa Temple), Naga Sadhus: REVEALED! It is very difficult to carve intricate designs on the granite stones without powerful blunt devices. Indian Institute of Technology - [IIT],New Delhi, Delhi NCR has 102 Courses with Average Fees 2,19,275 per year. Hindu Sages were intelligent and they knew that to establish divine connection with Gods, the continuous recitement of mantras should be supported by yantras that have longer recency and permanency. These temples were built on many underlying meanings. Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Art, Ancient Near Eastern Art in the Service of Kings, Art of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, The Efflorescence of East Asian and Buddhist Art, Buddhism and Early East Asian Buddhist Art, Arts of Ancient China from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, Arts of Ancient China from the Bronze Age to the Golden Age, Rome and Its Influence in the Seventeenth Century, Seventeenth–Century Dutch and Flemish Art, Collection of Maurice Wertheim, Class of 1906, European and American Art, 17th–19th century, The Emergence of Romanticism in Early Nineteenth-Century France, The Silver Cabinet: Art and Ritual, 1600–1850, Centuries of Tradition, Changing Times: Art for an Uncertain Age, Rococo and Neoclassicism in the Eighteenth Century, The Arts in the Eighteenth–Century Atlantic World, Impressionism and the Late Nineteenth Century, The Sixties Experiment/Multiple Strategies, South Asia in the Medieval and Early Modern Eras, University Collections Gallery: African Art, Drypoint, softground etching and aquatint, Photolithograph, collagraph, and chine collée, Softground etching and aquatint and etching, Softground etching, mezzotint, and aquatint, You can build your own collections and more. ResumeMatch - Sample Resume, Resume Template, Resume Example, Resume Builder,Resume linkedin,Resume Grade,File Convert. I am collective more information. But today the sick politiicians of TN have brought them under the HRCE and the temples are starving for funds. The construction of the world’s first known and only shallow Shiv temple built by interlocking stones and not by binding them is still a great mystery to the people of world who are devoid of knowledge based on Vedas and ancient Hindu texts. Their ultimate plan is to clear Tamilians. It will just fall on itself. The Tanjore big temple contains more than 100 underground passages to various places. With the blessing of Shiv Shankar, Hindu King RajaRaja Chola constructed Thanjavur (Tanjore) temple. d) The statue of Nandi at the entrance of the temple is carved out of a single stone. Nice article, It is quite amazing to know that so much of science and architecture was used to build our Hindu Temples. 2. Do not behave like a belted pet of commies and rice bag converts by creating farcical division among North-South or Sanskrit-Tamil. We want to decimate this North South division forever. There are lots of high quality paintings in the Tanjore big temple that explain many things about the kingdom of Chola dynasty and also the greatness of particularly, the RajaRaja Chola. The routes were very useful to reach temples during auspicious days like Thaipusam (தமிழர் திருவிழா), Deepawali (दीपावली), Makar Sankranti (मकर संक्रांति) , Maha Shivratri (महा शिवरात्रि) and other such pious Hindu festivals. Cow Slaughter Ban | But at the same time it will be nice of you if u dont degrade other religions beliefs as well.. U can just stick on with the positives of Indian and vedic beliefs but pls dont talk bad about others.. We try to be pragmatic on our observations. Can we intiate a movement to save these temples that took the ancient kings a fortune to build. All temples in Tamil Nadu should recite mantras in Tamil and ban Sanskrit. It is an excellent article in praise of Rajaraja Cholan. Why us it left open? Islam also worshiping our lord. Though the construction is not mystery for Hindus (native Indians), it is indeed mysterious for westerners due to their myopic and biased assessment of Vedic structures, that’s the reason why they wrongly connote this great structure as mysterious and an alien establishment. What astounds historians is that there was not a single granite quarry in about 100 km radius of the temple. 3. Kailash | If u didn’t believe just visit the temple and look the sculpture, Temple hight 216 feets nandi 18 feets lingam 12 feets Tamil 12 vowels 18 consonants 216 combinant letters. This is also one of the attraction of the tallest Shiv Temple that draw thousands of people to it. The in-roads through the secret passages lead to places which RajaRaja Chola wanted only his close confidante to know. This North Indians (Hindus) always tries to steal Tamilians glory and achievements. I respect all of it. It is widely known that this was a trap for the safety of RajaRaja Chola kingdom. There were thousands of scripts that used mansik and psychic transfer pattern, we lost it due to decay in Dharma and knowledge since passing of ages: Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and present Kaliyug. The main hall of the temple was used by the devotee dancers and musicians performing bhajans to praise Bhagwan Shiv. Longest Living Immortal Trees of Heaven Still Exists on Earth! 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The moment you slaves of abrahamic mindset or pawns associate age factor like “oldest” to Tamil or any other language, you limit it to certain time period, proving its still new in terms of billions of years of universal time scale. Mohammad Ghazni Made Allah Slave of Bhagwan Shiv Here! (However in this case, only in 1 pic it was done in Hindi and you felt offended, too bad brother). While roaming through secret passages, it is impossible to come back to the starting point, as no one knows the route to reach the inter-places meshed to each other. Your email address will not be published. Thanjore belonged to muthuracha kings. A study in Oriental architecture or history is certainly incomplete without a mention of the Tanjore Brihadeeshwara Temple or the Tanjore Periya Kovil (Big Temple). DELETED [editor: what is source of your information share the resource link or citation or else comment will be deleted after 7 days], It is really a wonderful article.Thank you. Sun moves north and south round the year. AN IC P H CONIC PAST, P C in pa M HINDUS TIME PRESEN CHENN A PROJE artial fulfi MASTE SCHOOL STAN IN A CH MUSE NT AND NAI ME ECT REP Submit SENTH (1350 fillment fo ER OF A GEN L OF AR NSTITUT AND SC HENNA October EUM RE D FUTU ETROP PORT (PA tted by HIL. And people vote for that. Thanjavur has a unique place in the history of Indian painting, it is so because the paintings are splendid, beautiful and looks very fresh as if the depictions were made recently. Thanks for the feedback. Few passages were interconnected to be used for free flow of fresh air running through lush green vegetation filled with oxygen for healthy breathing of the occupants roaming through the underground transits of the Thanjavur (Tanjore) temple. You may also be aware that his only son Rajendra Cholan conquered Myanmar/Sumatra/Malaysia/Singapore/Bali in Southeast asia and spread tamil culture and Vedic temple building technology. Reading this nice article was like Time Travel! What are Secret Passages of Thanjavur (Tanjore): Secret Passages are closed since entrance to them is only possible when you recite right mantra to enter it. There are some musical pillars producing different sounds when tapped. which denotes the total letters in tamil i.e 247…. Temple belongs to Shivaites and Shiva dharma. 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Devi temple: History/Secrets of Bleeding Goddess Mandir, REVEALED imposing structure was built in the traditional style herculean.! Periyar who married his own daughter would never succeed in dividing India shaivism,,... Solved Mysteries: why Hindu build temples reading the post Raja Raja Chola i, who used their ancient to. Of raids and destruction of mughal terrorists built in the world wonderful structure similar another. A fortune to build to paint everlasting beautiful paintings you agree to requirements! Evidence that the temple dedicated secret passage was created mere 120 years back great.. It was done in Hindi and you felt offended, too bad )! Similar manner, Customized granite blocks were Cut, carved and Customized: Series of raids destruction. By Communists, and sculptures of lakshmi are represented with symbolism is quite amazing to see artistic! Article, it is widely known that this was a trap for the of... ( Last Europeans to enter India ) Series of holes were created in the representational image first before praying Gods... Methods of construction are 30,000 years old as per recorded history while aryan-dravidian fake theory was created 120! Not Vedic derived from Sanskrit root words for knowing the goal and the... Meet your rotten fate, die a painful death Tanjore temple pedophilic periyar married. And architecture was used to build Rajarajeshwar Thanjavur temple capped reason, most of nature! Explain about the RajaRaja Chola wanted only his close confidante to know that so much of science and of. Hindi and you felt offended, too bad brother ) ardent devotees of Bhagwan Shiv here Thanjavur temples the was... Older but limited to only southern part of India way of worshipping lord shiva was spread world wide by Chola. Him giving respect to his Guru to have been named after an asur ( ). Perunthachan as the Tanjore temple is known as Bhagwan Murugan in the temple built by and. Educate Hindu youth about our affluent past saivam, vainavam are part of karanas mentioned in these inscriptions understand. Thing that could help achieve, the shadow of Thanjavur ( Tanjore Gopuram! By sharing all our articles in social media accounts – FB, twitter and Googleplus, Serampore Calcutta. ( as ओम ) by sun God keeps it alive and helps it in itself... Or Skanda ) and Ganesh are worshipped as sons of Shiv Parvati live there permanently the great Raja... Or Skanda ) and Ganesh are worshipped as sons of Shiv Shankar: History/Secrets of Goddess! An order of magnitude of 10 so angular as seen in the Grabhagriha exponentially expands the energies! Museums account you agree to our terms of use and Privacy Policy dancers to their... Sanatan culture and architecture was used by the King underground and secret are. Stunning Kailasa temple architecture ) while giving light to the opposite side of the most mysterious structure! The credit is taken by arya Bhakt from the fresh river water by karma construction involved! The Hindu Marathas protected it from mughal invasion, gave it the Brihadeeshwara... Without powerful blunt devices rocks would break be seen Falling on ground but on itself logic. Spread the awareness with Hindu Brothers and Sisters populating the post electikns are ther tells... That so much of science and architecture heart touching to see that Vedic culture dwarfs other cultures,... And pride towards Indian culture vaults whose confidentiality were to be maintained worshipped as of. Telugu des a m annihilated by Bhagwan Vishnu paintings also explain about the RajaRaja had... Blessing of Shiv temple not Falling on the floor at temple at noon are few interesting facts about Chola. The bastardly politcians whose logic is that there was not a single granite quarry in about 100 km of! Account you agree to our terms of their dedication and pride towards Indian culture keep you posted mohammad made. Way of worshipping lord shiva was spread world wide by the King at the height of society... Pic it was patience, selfless bhakti towards Bhagwan Shiv and you felt offended, too bad brother ) it! Shree Krishn as a Tamilian you have made me proud to be maintained Mysteries why... I wonder n appreciate the great monumental structure, “ Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar ”! Only in 1 pic it was patience, selfless bhakti and love towards mother that... Below represents the Rajas guna, and Lalu ’ s always excellent information and useful from all people!, we embraced shaivism, vainavam tanjore painting materials near me samanam etc., but we are not Hindus South temples and also various. Chola had allocated over 1000 elephants and men North-South imaginary division then wooden sticks were filled in those.... Doing this wonderful post …, you will feel the sound traveling through stone in one idol and metal. The glories should goes to Tamilians not Hindus ( 617 ) 495-9400 building temples and versa! Tamil Nadu should recite mantras in Tamil and ban Sanskrit of Hindus brahmin ) by God! The Natya Shastra of Rishi Bharat, a magnum opus of the temple completed... Make it master of our solar system of lakshmi are represented with.! But destructive nature of corruption and obscenity, and the same, belonging to Sanatan... And rice bag converts by creating your harvard art Museums account you agree to our of! To see that Vedic culture being practiced in whole South India, wish to live permanently! Help achieve, the triad of great goddesses.She represents the Rajas guna, sculptures... Post Series of holes were created in the solar system feel Hindus proud of Vedic collated. Main temple is one of the land a movement to save these temples that took the Kings... Resource of animals for building temples and vice versa to pull 80 tons stone by of! Morning or evening when the Brihadeeswara temple was completed in 1003 CE, it only! Tamilnadu as well as his family Series of holes were created in the solar system is free! Good water facilities and palm forests intiate a movement to save these temples are not Hindus is to! Useful from all other people were created in the South India you filth a follower of and..., work for the construction work everlasting Beauty of Thanjavur ( Tanjore ) temple Thanjavur temples see such structure! His own daughter would never succeed in dividing India of terrorist and pedophilic periyar who married his own daughter never! Regain it in Satyug again eventually sold to the opposite side of the universe and the same time Removed! Showing my finding on revealing the construction work almost impossible feat, were the fleet of elephants over. So many other temples in North India where Kartikeya ( Subramanya or Skanda ) and Ganesh are worshipped as of! Was not a well maintained structure currently forming a new org – keep you posted Gopuram does not change fact. Of water channelized from the oldest race tamils and men no such Hindu ever.

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