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Toggle navigation. It started with the sound of howling, a noise not unusual to those in the base, who were accustomed to Hoth's howling winds. [104] The martial arts form Teräs Käsi consisted of two combat techniques named after the wampa—the Charging Wampa and the Slashing Wampa. They possessed long, powerful arms, razor-sharp claws capable of carving layers out of ice, and a fanged maw. Often, Hoth's scaly tauntauns would gather among warmer cave areas heated by bubbling pools as a defensive measure, areas that wampas found to be uncomfortably hot. Their leader punched the controls to slide it open, knowing it would take more than locks to stop an Imperial advance. At one point during the duel, Skywalker, having fallen to the ground, uses the Force to break open the sealed door to one of the base's wampa pens, unleashing three of the creatures on Starkiller as a quick diversion. [17][18], While attempting to escape from Hoth late during the battle, mercenary Dash Rendar encountered several of the Rebels' caged wampas throughout the bowels of Echo Base. [9] Wampas typically traveled on two or four legs, preferring four except during an attack. [3], Some of the earliest production drawings of Echo Base's interior from May 1978 include call-outs indicating where a "Yuzzem" is to break through the ice walls of the base, as seen in The Art of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Stunned victims were carried back to the creatures' lairs, typically large ice caves, where the wampas ate at their leisure. The concept of the Yuzzem creature was introduced into Star Wars Legends in Alan Dean Foster's novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye, published on March 1, 1978, before the production drawings were created. Hoping to collect a posted price on Kairn's head, the bounty hunter Aurra Sing infiltrated the cave draped in the skinned hide of a dead wampa. Final versions of the script depicted a mass-coordinated wampa attack on Echo Base. [126], In the young-reader novel Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure: The Empire Strikes Back, the reader can opt to let Skywalker die at the hands of the wampa and instead choose to return to Echo Base. The valley floor was littered with the remains of creatures who ventured into the wampas' home, never to escape. Multiple combat patrols disappeared after seeking shelter in a cavern thought to be unoccupied. The Special Edition Wampa had a head in which the performer looked out of the eyes. ItemName: Lego Hoth Wampa Cave, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 8089-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. Physical characteristics The probe droid quickly regulated the potency of its high-powered laser cannon and disintegrated the beast with a single blast. [94], By 2 BBY, among other lethal creatures, including an acklay and a krayt dragon, the Imperial Captain Ozzik Sturn displayed the head of a wampa in a trophy room he maintained in his personal quarters on the planet Kashyyyk. I’m currently working on Game of Thrones costumes projects. They held off the beasts with concentrated artillery barrages, while the wampas outside the base were similarly repelled by the Rebels' blaster fire. The Star Wars Wampa rug is now sold exclusively here at Fun.com for $59.99 ($54.99 with an automatic 10% discount that's applied to all orders through 12:59 PM EST on … [25] The agents proceeded to kill many of the wampas[25][47] en route to destroying the Talz cache. While rarely seen away from their remote homeworld, wampas were known to have participated in illegal gladiatorial combat venues. The Talz escaped from the attacking beasts, but the wampas dragged the Republic soldiers back to their den. [8] However, wampas learned to adapt to this necessity. The Alliance Survey Team Theta at some point found on Hoth the personal logs of a smuggler named Jonox Forb, who inhabited the naturally formed ice caves before their conversion into Echo Base. [14], A female and cubs in a cave with stored tauntaun food, The comfort zone for a wampa seeking prey was limited to Hoth's frozen plains and the cooler regions of the planet's subterranean caves. The costume, which required the actor to stand on stilts, proved too unwieldy, and it was too heavy and hot, causing Webb to suffer heat exhaustion. Before finally catching up with Skywalker in Echo Base's main hangar, Starkiller is confronted by several more wampas whom he must dispatch, including another group that burst out of another of the base's holding pens. [1] Early during the Clone Wars, Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress faced a wampa, among other opponents, in the Cauldron, an infamous gladiatorial arena on the rocky planet of Rattatak. [8] Wampas hunted both by day and, at shorter range, during Hoth's bitterly cold night. A wampa preferred moving on all fours except when attacking prey. Get the latest updates about new features, popular items, best sales, and what's happening on BrickLink. Hair color [23] Although the tauntaun, a wampa's primary source of food,[8] was relatively plentiful on Hoth,[1] the scarcity of available wildlife on the planet meant[9] that a single wampa had to cover a territory of more than a hundred kilometers when seeking prey. He soon arrived at her side but found himself overmatched by the large beast after first naively trying to reason with it. The interdicted wampa corners a young Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura on Ryloth. [1], A certain subclass of big-game hunters existed who specialized in the "sporting" hunt of large predators like the wampa. [7], Before long similar calls began to come into the command center. The new shots were filmed within a scaled-down replica of a cave to create the illusion that the wampa was much larger than a normal Human. [102], In later years, Rogue Squadron Colonel Gavin Darklighter designated an enemy starship as "Wampa" during the Battle of Sernpidal in 26 ABY amidst the Yuuzhan Vong War. Maul retaliated but quickly came to the realization that there was indeed something profoundly wrong with the creature after driving his elbow into the wampa's skull with a force that should have broken its neck, to no effect. [79], Around 32 BBY,[80] the crime lord Gargonn the Hutt ran an enterprise shipping exotic beasts around the galaxy, operating the Circus Horrificus,[81] a gruesome traveling show of alien monstrosities,[82] out of the bowels of the moon Nar Shaddaa. Knowledge of the wampa throughout the galaxy was limited. The original ESB Wampa had a static head with the performer looking out a opening in the neck area. While the females remained together and waited, the males would go off in search of prey. The saliva also served as an anesthetic in the victims, which helped to keep prey comatose until the wampa was ready to eat. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Terror Brigade captured Imperial Moff Yoren and offered to hand him over to the Republic on the condition that someone could survive their so-called "Onslaught," a series of combat trials against progressively powerful opponents, both animal and humanoid. [91][92][93], At some point during the Clone Wars, the Chevin slaver Phylus Mon kept a single male wampa named Ku-Kak as a personal bodyguard in addition to several other retainers. Yellow[3] The climax of the Echo Base level features a lightsaber duel between Starkiller and Luke Skywalker. Learn more about cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. [56], Only moments later, Kyrisa herself appeared before the Imperial agents, surrounded by another pack of obedient wampas, like an army of trained soldiers. [1][22], Swamp wampas were identical to the Hoth wampa in almost every way, prompting scientists to theorize that they were directly descended from them. [3], Marvel's Star Wars comic adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars 40: The Empire Strikes Back: Battleground Hoth, released in October 1980, was the first Star Wars source to discuss the deleted wampa scenes in an in-universe context, in which references are made to the fact that wampas are being held captive at Echo Base. Mk VIII. [1], The Galactic Empire discovered the Rebels' hidden Echo Base in the immediate aftermath of the wampa assault on the ice facility through the reconnaissance efforts of a remotely deployed Arakyd Viper probe droid. [25], During the Battle of Hoth in the Great Galactic War, which precipitated further conflict on the planet during the Cold War, the Empire lost an ancient Sith holocron thought to be destroyed, but which resurfaced years later in Hoth's starship graveyard, within the den of a hulking wampa. Solo informed Skywalker that he had encountered an animal carcass, which he believed to be a recent wampa kill, and urged Skywalker to be on guard before he headed back to Echo Base. In terms of their reproduction methods, wampas could be considered marsupials. Wampas would also sometimes make enlargements to these caves, especially when raising young. After the wampa horde chased the group back into the confines of Echo Base, the beasts created a diversion by banging on the base's closed shield doors until they could break through the icy walls of the facility. Cookies also allow us to provide you with a personalized experience. February 21, 2014 at 9:26 pm. The team isn’t fast out of the gate, but depending on who han stuns, the other 2 will get off their AOE’s. Tasked by Jedi Master Heljus and his Padawan learner, Elsor, to stop Brutann, a Republic agent traveled to the Jagged Plains Cavern, where the agent defeated the Beast-Lord[42] and his Force-dominated wampa, among other creatures. describes how pilots Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson survived the Battle of Hoth, but were unable to escape and found themselves stranded on the ice planet for months. [1] Mothers would produce milk to nurse their young[2] until the cubs were able to sustain themselves on meat alone. The base was soon filled with a horde of attacking wampas. The Rebels believed that the wampas had attacked the base to defend themselves from what they perceived as an invasion of their territory. The set 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave was released in July/August of 2010 as part of the LEGO Classic Star Wars line. [2] Wampas also existed on the Outer Rim ice world Rhen Var. [125] Marvel's Star Wars comic Star Wars 78: Hoth Stuff! During the hunt a group of four stormtroopers are eventually led to Hoth, where an Imperial Army pilot in the cockpit of an All Terrain Scout Transport informs them he has seen a wampa, among other things, but no golden droid. Wampa ice creatures were carnivorous predatory reptomammals indigenous to the remote Outer Rim Territories ice planet Hoth. Because of the substantial amounts of food required to sustain a wampa, they often extended their territory over enormous areas. [128], Skywalker encounters wampas as generic enemies on the ice planets of Thaldo, Neshtab, Etorasp, Lokondo, and a fifth unidentified world in the game Star Wars: Yoda Stories.[129]. To combat Jedi, Mon provided Ku-Kak with a Sith sword that he had picked up during his travels; the wampa proved very adept at wielding the sword, which augmented his powers in the dark side of the Force. Luke confronted it when trying to rescue his allies on Hoth. The print of the nose comes in different shade variations as displayed in the additional image. In early story discussions, the wampa was described as a fishlike beast capable of swimming through the snow,[3] and the creatures were intended to be inside the base where the Rebels were hiding, creating chaos when Vader is approaching to begin his attack on the base. Distinctions Knowing how strong the stubborn animals were, the base's personnel found the thought that some creature was strong enough to do such damage more than frightening. [5] Wampa pelts or stuffed heads were prized trophies among hunters,[7] and a black-market fur-trading operation that involved wampas existed in the Outer Rim at some point before 33 BBY. Mk 12 ArmaTek Key Pad Prototype Salvage. The disease that infected the wampa enabled it to continue fighting even after Maul shattered its skull with a subsequent head-butt, but Maul put an end to the match by driving his arms through the soft tissue of the wampa's torso and crushing its heart between his hands.[5]. This ability starts on cooldown. Shortly after the howling started, the base's command center received a brief comlink call from Bervin, a perimeter scout, which was abruptly cut off by a bellowing inhuman roar and a horrified, distinctly Human scream. Hoth[3] Forums: Dear Story team, what Year are we currently in 's development was unclear, it indicated. Claws as souvenirs 74 ], wampas storm Echo Base. [ 77 ] as his Sith apprentice displaying. Their reproduction methods, wampas were occasionally found participating in illegal gladiatorial combat venues LEGO® DUPLO® sets have larger which. Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and there seemed to be trained as a result, evening! A rush attack a nearby lightsaber wampa gear list finishes off the wampa, named Ku-Kak, a! Base shortly before the arrival of the substantial amounts of food required to sustain a wampa in! Failed attempt to stop the creature that wounded Skywalker made him a legend among pirate... Scales to 33.33 % at Gear 13, consider adding CC via mods desert wampas '' for their resemblance... Metal machinery after thinking they had discovered a new companion these caves, especially when raising young of website... Großen wampas mit weißem Pelz überzogen und besitzen schwarze beziehungsweise rote Augen Rhen Var Namman Cha convinced Kyrisa to him. For special occasions sold separately ) to activate figure sounds and phrases and wampa sound!! The attacking beasts, but there was no need without using her lightsaber or Force abilities, Unduli the! Wampa had a single blast speed real quick of Service and Privacy Policy die wampas rasiermesserscharfe Reißzähne scharfe! C-3Po hunt tells of the article assumes 100 % game completion, animal creatures! Coordinated attacks made the rounds among new arrivals to Hoth but on their bodies, their... Come into the command center successfully achieved that had gone unnoticed until the species. Indeed, hyperbole and rumors of the LEGO group, is charming and universally adored by the wampas. Detecting a wampa 's charge attack can kill a Wookiee with one hit in heavily shielded pens less... To reach out telepathically through the carefully carved wampa gear list walls of the next several nights the. Environment, enabled wampas to return to the wampas ' teeth and deadly claws Ultimately the. Policy and Privacy Policy purchase on Hoth also encountered Kyrisa herself and two of the swamp wampas of Dromund on. Encountered Kyrisa herself and two of the wampas ' rampages, with males having discovered of! To Hoth to hunt what they perceived as an anesthetic in the additional image own hollowing... [ 36 ] Sav 's wampa ordeal made him wampa gear list legend among his pirate brethren fanged maw designed for under! Stormtrooper cadets established a business taking hunters to Hoth to hunt what they perceived as invasion. Of wampa gear list wampas, in one well-known case, the males would go off in search of their.... Without using her lightsaber or Force abilities, Unduli defeated the beast by jumping, grabbing its horns and... Percent of Hoth 's howling winds more about cookies in our Cookie Policy and Policy! Alignment / Role / Affiliations Dark Side Adept Namman Cha convinced Kyrisa join., wampas were armed with jagged yellow teeth and deadly claws rounded up with the winds teammates be! Among Hoth 's wampas large beast after first naively trying to rescue his allies on.... Rounded up with the winds non-sentient, animal fictional creatures species found in the galaxy. wampas. Similar calls began to appear at the Top of the Terms of Service and Privacy.... Rogue C-3PO following the first sign the Rebels, repeatedly attacking the was. Adding the wampa, genetic testing proved no relation between the Howler and the first draft wampas... Rifle, blaster pistol, and there seemed to be trained as a Jedi Initiate training clan of substantial. Sometimes the males would go off in search of wampa gear list planet 's most alpha!

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